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Under 2s

Every baby and toddler has already gained a wealth of knowledge and abilities, and we appreciate and respect the learning that each child bring into our room. We maintain an unhurried and peaceful environment that ensures children have the space and time to lead their own learning.  Pipi Room children are encouraged to be active in their care, as we learn about the uniqueness and competence that each child has. We trust our Pipi Room children to initiate play and explore freely, in our safe environment.  Our daily routine provides a predictable consistency which enhances confidence and trust in us, as children learn to anticipate things that will happen during their dayAs teachers, we believe that enhancing confidence for children enables them to feel curious and provides opportunities for interaction, cooperation, exploration, wonder, engagement and challenges.  Children in the Pipi Room will experience warm and affectionate relationships with teachers in a safe and fun environment. 

We provide a home away from home for up to 12 children, where children are made to feel special and unique.  As teachers, we learn alongside the children, and in partnership with parents/caregivers/whanau, following the child’s lead. Throughout the day, we weave in opportunities for learning, based on needs, interests, and parental aspirations, and grounded in an understanding of growth and development stages.  We believe that every child’s learning journey is individual and should be celebrated.

All nappies and stage appropriate food is provided (excluding infant formula). 

When Pipi Room children begin to show an interest towards the Paua Room (over 2s), teachers will discuss this with the child’s parents/caregivers. Together, we will plan a transition to the Paua Room ensuring that both the child and their parents/caregivers feel ready and confident to transition.